Re-awakening this journal! :D

So, um I've decided yet again to spruce up this journal and start adding entries, etc. Just a warning, English, not really a good language for me lol. Pardon the grammar mistakes or spelling mistakes.

So, I've rewatched the whole Buffy series again. This is my 4th time, the 1st time, I was able to watch it with a pirated DVD, and unfortunately, the Season 2 disc ended at Bad Eggs. I was like "WTF, that was the season ending?!" So, basically I missed the whole Angel being bad-ass again. Which sucked. Big time.

The 2nd, 3rd, and 4th time, I was able to watch it on my new Buffy The Chosen Collection DVD (courtesy of my Uncle, for free!). Well, technically, the DVD wasn't new by the 3rd and 4th time, but, heck I'm babbling!

Anyway, what I was trying to babble on about here was that everytime I get to watch Buffy, I'm liking Dawn more and more. I mean, yeah, she has her spoiled-brat, irritating moments, but she's actually really mature for her age. Heck, I like her more than Xander! I really liked her during Season 6 and 7. In Season 6 we watch her try to take care of herself while people around her have their own lives. She's just a teenager then, but she acted much more older than Buffy and the gang (excluding Tara since Tara's just really my favorite character and I see no flaws in her *grin*). In Season 7, Dawn kicks ass as a junior watcher! *huge grin*

My point? Actually nothing lol. I just wanted to babble on about Dawn! :D

There, I'm done!

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Oh damn. The post below wasn't supposed to be my first post, I was going to post that at the Harry Potter femslash site. Imagine my surprise when I saw it here lol.

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Hey everyone! I've got a new Hermione/Ginny video up at a new homepage at youtube :D The URL of the video is over here:

Title: Always
So, um Hermione and Ginny are together, but Ginny is slowing becoming jealous of the time that Hermione spends with Ron and Harry. Feeling hurt and alone, she starts to write in a diary, not knowing that Riddle's memory (or whatever you call it lol) is in there. As Ginny pours in her hurt and sadness to the diary, Riddle slowly takes over Ginny's mind, leading her to kill Hermione. As soon as she did the deed (lol), she wakes up from Riddle's spell, realizes that she just killed the love of her life, and then kills herself.

This was just a request from Sonfreak4ever at youtube, so the plot is entirely made by her :D Also, if anyone has subscribed or friended me at my previous youtube place, please please friend me at my new youtube page over here: Comments would be much appreciated and would be accepted with gleeful screams :D

Another also (lol), um I would be moving my older videos to the new youtube page that I have, will be posting a list of Hermione/Ginny videos I've done once I've moved them if anyone's interested :D

Thanks everyone!